I made the worst PHOTOSHOPS ever

7 sep 2020
10 330 705 Áhorf

photoshop has returned very cool
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  • 420 k likes nice

    Jeff JefferyJeff JefferyKlukkustund síðan
  • Uhh Lazarbeam the queen of the uk is also the queen of Australia

    Chunky BoiChunky BoiKlukkustund síðan
  • Your a bloody legend!

    Nugg BoiNugg Boi3 klukkustundum síðan
  • At the time this video has 420k likes

    Alex Does StuffAlex Does Stuff4 klukkustundum síðan
  • Lazarbeam: I don’t care if the crab is cute it just means it’s more tastier. Me: just the facts with lazarbeam

    Victor GonzalezVictor Gonzalez4 klukkustundum síðan
  • 9:12 You should've photo shopped the police officer getting rick rolled

    破壊の神 Goku破壊の神 Goku5 klukkustundum síðan
  • 0:59 the Aussie crab

    Antonio SalfiAntonio Salfi6 klukkustundum síðan
  • Lol

    Denney ConleyDenney Conley6 klukkustundum síðan
  • I am Vin Diesel

    vin dieselvin diesel6 klukkustundum síðan
    • Make the movies good again😂😂😂

      Aaron ArevaloAaron Arevalo2 klukkustundum síðan
  • 2021 anyone

    Joel GonzalezJoel Gonzalez7 klukkustundum síðan
  • Cook the krab.

    R- BL0XR- BL0X9 klukkustundum síðan
  • K

    Pug LoverPug Lover10 klukkustundum síðan
  • Tom brady is trash aaron rodgers is number#1

    Jamison GottJamison Gott14 klukkustundum síðan
  • The time when he didn't have a mustache

    paarth mittalpaarth mittal15 klukkustundum síðan
  • Dwaynes new baby's restleing name is gonna be called Jerry the stoner

    PsychoPsycho19 klukkustundum síðan
  • Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh

    What ???!!!!!!What ???!!!!!!19 klukkustundum síðan
  • I would of made the cat sit inside the toilet

    Vanessa WestleyVanessa Westley22 klukkustundum síðan
  • 3:43 u forgot something important (look at the mirror)

    Alex ZanjaniAlex Zanjani22 klukkustundum síðan
  • 10:05 just squeaked it in

    GooseGoose23 klukkustundum síðan
  • he do be cracked at editing tho

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithDegi Síðan síðan
  • Omg I’m from michigan

    Josh HewittJosh HewittDegi Síðan síðan
  • 3:14 Donald Dump

    DDboss 2000DDboss 2000Degi Síðan síðan
  • Woop Dooonnnaallddd

    cole10cole10Degi Síðan síðan
  • For the cat one you should’ve done it in an among us

    Walter JohnsonWalter JohnsonDegi Síðan síðan
  • Do a series

    Pedro Corrales TaveraPedro Corrales TaveraDegi Síðan síðan
  • Lazar: I won some i lost some What rlly happened: I win i won w did it i win thats a dub

    Ethan HillEthan HillDegi Síðan síðan
  • _/﹋\_ ( -_・) ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━ 💥

    Intress BadgerIntress BadgerDegi Síðan síðan
  • all the time ya think ya win-then granny comes around the corner

    Richards SavinsRichards SavinsDegi Síðan síðan
  • You won 4

    SnowballSnowballDegi Síðan síðan
  • I love the intro 😂😂😂

    Scott DinsmoreScott DinsmoreDegi Síðan síðan
  • Yes!

    Scott DinsmoreScott DinsmoreDegi Síðan síðan
  • he said $1000000 it is actually £10000000

    Tim BransdenTim BransdenDegi Síðan síðan
  • Rip baby it didn’t see it coming

    Deez NutzDeez NutzDegi Síðan síðan
  • How do people not like u

    Headlam SistersHeadlam SistersDegi Síðan síðan
  • the crab one scared namjoon

    alquaka chanalquaka chanDegi Síðan síðan
  • I love the intro

    YNWA - You’ll Never Walk AloneYNWA - You’ll Never Walk AloneDegi Síðan síðan
  • Little did lazar know he became number 1 in Australia

    H20PandaH20Panda2 dögum síðan
  • I am polite Gordon Ramsey You donut 🍩

    Okcapy 12Okcapy 122 dögum síðan
  • He most subbed in Australia

    Kaeden MariaKaeden Maria2 dögum síðan
  • Ummm I am sorry I did a photo shop and I deleted birdy and fresh and the memes lol I love it

    Megan WallMegan Wall2 dögum síðan
  • Lazarbeam : AHH TO EASY!! also lazarbeam he chose that he won that round.

    Cameron FredCameron Fred2 dögum síðan

    Joy BrunerJoy Bruner2 dögum síðan
  • More

    Joy BrunerJoy Bruner2 dögum síðan
  • Rest in peace cat

    Rostom0on 7211Rostom0on 72112 dögum síðan
  • Ye

    Sponge. bob. Dude39Sponge. bob. Dude392 dögum síðan
  • The crab should have been pinching a pp

    AuroraAurora2 dögum síðan
  • Nostalgia 100

    The little Green engineThe little Green engine2 dögum síðan
  • How dare you do that with Captain Tom and the queen 😂😂

    Lone-Wolf-gamingLone-Wolf-gaming2 dögum síðan
  • Why the crab he was my brother *makes crab noises*

    Braxton GiacomoBraxton Giacomo2 dögum síðan
  • Huh

    Braxton GiacomoBraxton Giacomo2 dögum síðan
  • 1:17 John kreese when Johnny said “cobra kais gotta change”

    The Norwegian kidThe Norwegian kid2 dögum síðan
  • Lazar i'm from here they hunting you dont come england

    Isiah McKayIsiah McKay2 dögum síðan

    ChipChopproChipChoppro2 dögum síðan
  • fu Lazar

    Deven VegasDeven Vegas3 dögum síðan
  • Do u live in Australia I do I’m at Wattanobbie 35 golf links drive

    Hailey HigginsHailey Higgins3 dögum síðan
  • Dude u should have put the cat in an among us polus vent

    Fishy _ZRFishy _ZR3 dögum síðan
  • 0:56 w h y

    Brittany FowlerBrittany Fowler3 dögum síðan
  • Bruh

    butterfish 1butterfish 13 dögum síðan
  • I wish I had 😃 every day don't u

    Taylor EngleTaylor Engle3 dögum síðan
  • Laser beam: we are photo shoping mr beast: TO DAY WE ARE DOING PHOTO SHOP!

    Charlotte PowellCharlotte Powell3 dögum síðan
  • LazarBeam : DONT SEND THOES GARDS The Queen : track him down NOW

    gingerfishy_playsgingerfishy_plays3 dögum síðan
  • Hi laser beam

    Paula BrannenPaula Brannen3 dögum síðan
  • Tom Brady killed a baby he deflated it

    gamer_q809gamer_q8093 dögum síðan
  • Why do you like seeing people get killed

    kelli ivaniskokelli ivanisko3 dögum síðan
  • WHY MR.CRANS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Matthew PlaysMatthew Plays3 dögum síðan
  • S l m is b l m

    lukas trepsiuslukas trepsius3 dögum síðan
  • 0:06 you are supposed to photoshop not paint

    Einfach VilleEinfach Ville3 dögum síðan
  • The one where the queen is nighting the man you might get arrested as the guy did 100 laps in his garden on his 100th birthday

    Alfie NolanAlfie Nolan3 dögum síðan
  • More PSB

    Courtney BakerCourtney Baker4 dögum síðan
  • Hes that good they call him lazer Ross

    moimer beanmoimer bean4 dögum síðan
  • noooooooooo

    Jacob WilloughbyJacob Willoughby4 dögum síðan
  • fun fact:ive once met the rock in hawaii in a hotel where he was filming a movie ofc i took a selfie with him my dad fainted and my sisters yeetskined them selfs in the pool like they didnt exist they were like bye felesha

    thedummyheehee lolthedummyheehee lol4 dögum síðan
  • Hey I'm from the UK and you are not on the watch list u good

    Reggie AllenReggie Allen4 dögum síðan
  • Why did I watch this after a gas meme...

    Emad SarourEmad Sarour4 dögum síðan
  • Are you astralian bc i wanna ask you a something ok how can you walk uosidedown?

    FrancisFrancis4 dögum síðan
  • The Queen will not stab him lol! I live i Britain.

    ArlzArlz4 dögum síðan
  • Hi

    Anime TurtleAnime Turtle4 dögum síðan
  • Carb legs super good

    JerMarrius PamJerMarrius Pam5 dögum síðan
    • Crab

      JerMarrius PamJerMarrius Pam5 dögum síðan
  • Hell to the no no no

    Siren HeadSiren Head5 dögum síðan
  • Lazarbeam: cutting a crab out is to much for youtube

    Beau EdwardsBeau Edwards5 dögum síðan
  • Donald dump

    Jincheol JeonJincheol Jeon5 dögum síðan
  • u realise tom brady has been traded to the buccaners

    Volcanic 01Volcanic 015 dögum síðan
  • Hello I'm a fan just on a different account

    Little_LeoLittle_Leo5 dögum síðan
  • Lol when he did the Donald Trump one he forgot about the niror

    AMOUNG US hacks and moreAMOUNG US hacks and more5 dögum síðan
  • R.I.P. sir Tom you will be remembered

    VinxifyVinxify5 dögum síðan
  • Who else laughed there head off with the baby one

    Bunny Crazy VlogsBunny Crazy Vlogs5 dögum síðan

    Josias VenturaJosias Ventura5 dögum síðan
  • You know the queen of the UK is also the queen of Canada Australia new Zealand and a few carrabien island's so when you said you be arrested in the UK you be arrested in your own country and all the other

    Michael BruenMichael Bruen5 dögum síðan
  • White screen approves

    White screenWhite screen5 dögum síðan

    Valerie ClevelandValerie Cleveland5 dögum síðan
  • It's time to d d d ddule

    Patricia PorcayoPatricia Porcayo5 dögum síðan
  • 7:05 how the f*ck did you know my name lin is my name

    Lin Htet PaingLin Htet Paing5 dögum síðan
  • 1:45 I would do garnet from Steven universe and the caption would say we are the crystal gems... 😂😂

    QuartzyQuartzy5 dögum síðan
  • 9:30 *Sees police officer photoshopped into a DJ* Lazarbeam: "Oh my god they made him a teacher!"

    Berry GorganzollaBerry Gorganzolla5 dögum síðan
  • Hello beam

    Billy PlayzBilly Playz5 dögum síðan
  • the intro was yugioh

    Khalid .TabaraniKhalid .Tabarani5 dögum síðan
  • Royal puffy hat patrol get him

    Urban Legend YouTubeUrban Legend YouTube6 dögum síðan
  • Nobody : 9:01: dude you hecking killed her

    Piplup PokevidsPiplup Pokevids6 dögum síðan
  • I don’t like that he killed the cat

    Carolyn Sanchez CervantesCarolyn Sanchez Cervantes6 dögum síðan
  • Liz hates charity lol

    hellohello6 dögum síðan